Nov 25, 2008

Interactive Music Camp/Festival Database

Also at the Summer Opportunities Database Panel Discussion, ASTA@UIUC unveild our New Project, which was developed by our very own President, Hamilton Le!  

Through months of hard work, he was able to create the 
"Summer Opportunities Database," 
an  interactive directory of Music Camps/Festivals around the country...

Even though the focus of the directory is Music Camps/Festivals within the U.S., there is a growing directory of Music Camps around the world...

*Blue Icons are the locations of the camps listed on the right window
*Orange Icons are testimonials of UofI students that have attended a particular to see what happens!!! :)

Hopefully, with the help of other schools, this directory will continue to grow each year!

To access this directory, just click on the above link titled "Summer Opportunities Database"